Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recording artist Thoroughbred: Using Music To Drive Into Her Destiny

by Cyrus Webb

Her lyrical journey began in 2001 with poetry and storytelling. Now recording artist Toya Stevenson known musically as Thoroughbred is determined to make her mark as a serious artist making serious moves.

Talking with her you get a feel of not just her confidence but her determination,too. Thoroughbred says her love of music began at the age of two. "Music was something that soothes me then and still does today," she says. "It is one thing that has never let me down."

What started as an outlet for her personal feelings took on a larger meaning when she saw the way her words and music affected other people. "So many people who I thought were perfect were just like me," she says. "That is when I knew I was making a difference. I was able to see that through music I could help other people realize that they weren't alone. There are literally people all around the world that share the same problems and feelings."

At a time when the music industry is hearing the likes of Nikki Minaj, Trina, Angie Stone and more, Thoroughbred feels that such a strong female influence is a positive, not a negative. "When you have so many influences, it's easier to be yourself," she says. "Each person in the game right now is a little different, but they each play a different part in my life. I am able to stay different just by being honest and expressing myself. I'm willing to put myself out there. The women artists that came out before me have actually made it easier. They have broken down some doors that we up-and-coming artists couldn't have done. That's why I feel we owe them so much gratitude."

Over the years, Thoroughbred has not just shared her love of music and her voice with the world. She has given her heart as well. In September 2007 she founded a biker group called Biker Buddies Motorcyle Club which now has 12 members. "We're really more than just female bikers," says Thoroughbred. "I feel that we should be called an empowerment group, because we all feed into each other. Six of the women are entreprenuers, two are educators and two provide health care services. All collectively make up one powerful spirit."

Thoroughbred believes there is a larger message that the group provides. "We help each other," she says. "If women come together we can do anything. With enough women, we can get things done. This goes beyond the biking. It's about what each person brings to the table, not just for ourselves but the next generations to come."

Of all the endeavors she is involved in, what is one of Thoroughbred's goals for 2011? "I want at least 5 million people to hear one of my songs," she says. That's my goal. Regardless of what else comes my way though, I am living out my dream. It doesn't matter how big or small it may look to others. I think it is all about being happy doing what you are doing, and I am happy."

Singles to look out for are "I Got This" which is about overcoming obstacles in your life and "I Miss You."

To find out more about Thoroughbred, visit www.uncagedent.com. She can also be reached by email at thoroughbredmusik@gmail.com. For information on bookings or appearances, contact Stanley Clark at 1.773.315.9286 or call 601.497.1985.

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