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Friday, December 10, 1999 "Hometown Hero: Cyrus Webb" by Wendy Stowe for WJTV News Channel 12

(WJTV) It's a teacher's job to educate our children, but when arts were taken out of education teachers were helpless. An artist from Brandon is stepping in to help fill the void.

Every Wednesday, Cyrus Webb spends his morning at Pecan Park Elementary. He's offering the fourth and fifth graders something they wouldn't learn by any other design.

"I know for me it was real important when I was in elementary school to have that support as far as with the arts and to encourage that creative activity," he says.

A graduate of Brandon High School, Cyrus studied art in New York before returning home. Now, an auditor by night, Cyrus volunteers his free time to help by day.

Elementary and high school students sketch an understanding of the arts.

"This is something that's exciting and builds their self-esteem and gives them something to look forward to," says teacher Jalilah Dobson. "We have Webb Wednesdays. So, they know when Wednesday comes Mr. Webb will be here and that helps and have a stable person that can work with them on a regular basis."

Cyrus says he enjoys it. "I love kids and love activity...especially when I see them benefiting from it. It really makes a big difference."

Cyrus showcases his own art from time to time, but on these days he's more concerned about the students' drawings and the difference he's making in their lives.

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