Saturday, January 30, 2010


When it comes to relationships, people tend to look in different directions for that perfect individual. Some turn to dating sites or their friends. Others look to their faith and the power of prayer for the answers. Not many will write about their experience the way Tracy Bell has. In her book CONVERSATIONS OF A SISTAH, she takes us into not just her feelings and experiences with relationships, but the advice she finds herself giving to others about the subject as well.

Though it's obvious that the writer is a woman of deep convictions, that doesn't stop her from keeping it real with the reader and herself in her description of situations she has gone through as well as her thoughts about those around her.
The book is not just about finding the right mate. Bell lets us into other relationships and trying times including how she deals with the death of those she loves, and the place she turns to for spiritual support.

Judging by what some would say were choice curse words, this book is not a conservative journey of a woman looking to let her circumstances and situations dictate the way she is to respond. It's quite clear that Tracy Bell is more than capable to make her own decisions and has no problem articulating those to others.

Take for instance a time in her life when she feels a certain advisor in the church is not taking care of the flock the way he should. She writes: "I came to the conclusion that Dr. Simon was a whore. A Pentecostal pimp whom mentally and emotionally manipulated women in his ministry. I tolerated whores in the world; I didn't have to tolerate one in the church." Not very timid in her thinking, is she? No, but isn't that what you would expect from someone who wants to walk through life without regrets.

Though the title might lead you to think differently, CONVERSATIONS OF A "SISTAH" can be enjoyed by men and women who are trying to find a clear, honest voice that might fit their own. As long as you approach it with an open mind and heart, you are bound to feel a little different after reading it.

Find out more about Tracy at

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Artists Jacki-O and Tray Chaney Use Their Celebrity To Help Those With Disabilities

Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to announce that recording artist/author Jacki-O and recording artist/author/actor Tray Chaney have been named Ambassadors for Community Options, Inc.

Community Options is a national nonprofit organization that has been developing small, community-based homes and employment supports for people with disabilities for over twenty years. The organization operates in 32 cities across 9 states including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas and New Mexico.

When Jacki-O and Tray heard about the good the organization was doing, they were excited to use their celebrity to bring attention to the cause.

"As a mother myself," says Jacki-O, "I know how precious the lives of all children are. For that reason, it is my belief that any organization that provides assistance for those with disabilities---regardless of their age---is one that we need to support. Community Options is such an organization."

Also a parent, Tray agrees. "At a time when all of us are in need of something, it is easy to forget that there are those who face daily challenges that we take for granted. Organizations like Community Options remind us that those who have must give to those who don't. It is our responsibility as Americans." Chaney is also the National Spokesperson for The Write Stuff, an organization taking the lead in promoting reading across the world.

When talking about the organization, President and CEO Robert Stack says this: "Community Options will create new waves for persons with disabilities in this new decade in the twenty first century. Community Options is a wave maker. In this decade, the public will equate our non-profit as the symbol of freedom and dignity for people with disabilities."

Look for Jacki-O and Tray Chaney to be featured as part of Community Options' national campaign and promotional material. To find out more about the organization, visit or their blog at

To schedule interviews with either Jacki or Tray, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mississippi Native Weaves Supernatural Tale That Discovers Who Is Really BLESSED

For years Mississippi native Cyrus Webb (known as C. A. Webb) has been a supporter of the power of words. Now in 2010 he prepares to deliver his own through the serialized novel BLESSED.

Released as four e-books and novellas beginning in February 2010, BLESSED will take readers into the intricate worlds of religion and politics, asking them do they really know where success and good fortune come from. You will meet Pastor Ezekiel James, who has enjoyed a historic legacy that is amplified by the remarkable success of his family. For almost 40 years he has been one of the most recognizable faces and names of faith around the world, and that favor seemed to be passed on to his seed, fraternal twins Rebecca and his namesake Ezekiel.

Born with the world seemingly at their feet, Ezekiel continued in the example of his father while Rebecca chose politics, a course that would introduce her to Jeremiah Reynolds. He wants to see a change come to the country. With the support of the James family, Jeremiah would gain influence that leads him to the offices of Mayor, Governor and even the White House, becoming the first man of color to become President.

As Reynolds enters his second year in the Oval Office, two wars are waging around the world; however, the United States is more worried about a mysterious flu that is targeting the elderly and youth with deadly consequences. When it threatens the youngest of the James family and even the First Family, a secret is revealed that threatens to destroy not just the trust of a family and The White House but the safety, security and souls of the entire world...

IN THE BEGINNING, the first book of the series, will be released as an e-book in February 2010 and in print form in March 2010. Details about BLESSED can be found at

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review: DO YOU WANNA BE MADE WHOLE? by author Bernard Boulton

Imagine a man who is broken by the loss of a child, a spouse and anything that seems to matter. Imagine that same man questioning his own devotion to God, and what it means to be obedient to His Will in the face of challenges. Then imagine this man being able to help others learn about the importance of loving themselves, those around and their Heavenly Father.

That is the situation we find Pastor James Maxwell in the book DO YOU WANNA BE MADE WHOLE? written by Bernard Boulton. He helps us to see that even though we might have fallen out of love, there is still time to make a change as long as you have breath in your body.

As the characters emerge and are defined, we discovered that sometimes events can hamper our relationship with God instead of enhancing it. The important lesson is that we listen to the voice of reason that wants to bring us back. Sometimes this can come from someone who has been where we are, or it can be from a source that is given the insight to understand where the course we are on is headed.

DO YOU WANNA BE MADE WHOLE? allows us to answer the question that people around the world should be asking themselves whenever they are going through difficulties. If we can do so honestly, the result is we can be blessed ourselves and be a blessing to others in the process.

(NOTE:I recently spoke with the author Bernard Boulton on my radio show Conversations LIVE! Radio. You can listen to it here.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bestselling Author Jerry B. Jenkins Aides Haiti Through Book Sales

Everyone is looking for ways to aide those devastated by the earthquates in Haiti. For Bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins, he is using his gift with words to make a difference. Here is an announcement from his desk:

---------------From Jerry B. Jenkins-------------------------
I’m sure you feel as frustrated and helpless as I do over the catastrophe in Haiti.

We want to help in tangible ways and wonder how. As an author, I deal in books, and frankly, books are not what are needed there right now.

So, how can I turn books into an effort for that devastated country?

Here’s an idea:
I’m offering copies of my book, Writing for the Soul, with this guarantee:

Add one penny to the retail price of $24.99 to round it to an even $25. I’ll cover postage and handling out of $5 of that and promise to send the rest, all $20 of it, to one of two Haitian ministries I know and trust. And you can even choose which one.

Further, if it turns out that postage and handling is less than $5 per book, I’ll send the difference too. I will not take a penny from these sales.

I’ll put the details about the book and the two ministries below so you can read about them if you choose to.

Meanwhile, if this resonates with you, either send a check made out to Jerry Jenkins for $25 for each copy to P.O. Box 88288, Black Forest CO 80908, or call my assistant Debbie at (719) 495-5835 with your credit card information. Either by mail or phone, let us know which ministry you want your gift to go to.

Here are the choices:

1. Cross International partners with more than 30 ministries in Haiti, funding schools and clinics to the poorest of the poor. Eighteen schools with 258 teachers minister to 6,000 kids and ensure each gets a meal of beans and rice every day and every teacher receives a meager monthly check.

Many of their schools are in shambles. Many of the kids were living on the edge of a cliff, which crumbled in the earthquake. Cross International will get resources directly to those Haitians they have a relationship with, longtime trusted friends.

2—If you want to help orphans in Haiti, we will send your donation to Orphans First. It will go to two orphanages that Orphans First works with, including one that runs a feeding program.

Details about Writing for the Soul by Jerry B. Jenkins (Writer’s Digest Books):

This is a hardbound book full of writing tips and with lots of anecdotes about the famous people I have been privileged to work with…people like Hank Aaron, Walter Payton, Nolan Ryan, Meadowlark Lemon, Billy Graham, and more.

Whether or not you’re a writer, you probably know someone who would be interested in this title. And if you already have one, why not get one for your church?

Jenkins was chosen by Conversations Book Club as one of its Literary Legends 2009-2010. You can find out more information about him at

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Regardless of your political leanings, INSIDE OBAMA'S BRAIN is a fascinating window into what has shaped the personality and character of our 44th President. I approached the book with an open mind, not having read much about the life of Barack Obama in the past. Author Sasha Abramsky ( seems to have written his book in a way that was for people like myself, incorporating writings from Obama as well as conversations with those who seem to know him best.

The book highlights not just his rise to fame in the world of politics, but the journey he took to understand himself. Pres. Obama's mixed heritage may have been seem by some as just another obstacle for the young man to overcome, but Abramsky highlights it this way: "His very existence challenges social codes and prevailing orthodoxies. Obama is, in many ways, a walking one-man diaspora, a man who can't be defined, or rather confined by his many heritages... To a peculiar degree, he is, as a result, his own creation." (p.49)

That sums up in many ways the 'out of the box' thinking that seems to lead the man who would become America's Commander-In-Chief. Through each challenge and difficulty, there seems to be a "glass half full" approach that kept him striving, achieving and overcoming. As Abramsky writes: "America, for Obama, is a wondrous experiment, something to be marveled at rather than taken for granted... In his memoirs you sense a man who understands the human story as a continual series of journeys, of adventures; a saga of individuals and cultures searching for meaning, seeking to stamp their mark on the world as a way to escape their own fears of inconsequence." (p.64,65)

INSIDE OBAMA'S BRAIN has all the ingredients needed for a worthwhile read. It is also the embodiment of what living in America means and the opportunities it affords. Above all it reminds us that no matter how dark things may appear around us at any given time, we have to always be on the hunt for the light within us all.

--- Cyrus Webb, Conversations LIVE! Radio/Conversations Book Club

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan. 19, 2010: "AMERICA UNDER OBAMA: One Year Later"

Shadow Play Entertainment, in connection with Hype Magazine, is pleased to present a special one-hour presentation on Conversations LIVE! Radio: "AMERICA UNDER OBAMA: One Year Later".

(Photo credit: Steve Harrison for the book HOPE, CHANGE AND OBAMA by Norma Smith)

Hosted by Cyrus Webb, this will take place on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 @ 8p.m. EST (7p.m. CST/5p.m. PT) on Conversations LIVE! Radio with a discussion of the election, agenda and progress of the country's 44th President.

Joining Webb for the discussion will be Anzour Jallouqa (founder of Global Outreach and host of IGMG Radio), H. Michael Harvey (political commentator and author of Paper Puzzle), Sasha Abramsky (journalist and author of Inside Obama's Brain), Billy Hallowell (political commentator and host of RENEW TV), Matt Harrison (author of The American Evolution), Ricky Spann (author of Man-Up) and special comments from Norma Smith (publisher of Hope, Change and Obama).

Join the conversation live by listening in at or by calling into the studio at 1.347.426.3645.

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Since 2003, Cyrus Webb has been a driving force in the way things are talked about and discussed. As the Creator and Host of Conversations LIVE! Radio and the President of Conversations Book Club, Webb has talked to some of the biggest names in the world as well as emerging voices that are making their mark. At the end of the day, however, he realizes that his success is really because of those who talk with him and those who listen. Here is some of what is being said about the Conversations Brand...

"The service you do for authors and readers is remarkable. We appreciate you." --- John Saul, New York Times Bestselling author of FACES OF FEAR

"I still don't see how you do what you do! You're an excellent interviewer..." Shirlita McFarland, author of Sunday Morning Secrets

"You absolutely ask the best...most thought provoking questions...keep up the excellent work on your show!!!" --- Ish Major, M. D., author of LITTLE WHITE WHYS

"I just had to write to tell you what a pleasure it was speaking with you yesterday. Your questions about The Language of Secrets and its impact on readers were was an honor to be interviewed by you! With thanks and all best wishes for your continued success." --- Dianne Dixon, author of THE LANGUAGE OF SECRETS

"The interview with Kathy Kinney (AKA Mrs. P) was great. It is nice that we have been able to create this new and inspiring character for her. She use to be 'Mimi' on the Drew Carey Show which was a very different character from Mrs. P. Your show is wonderful. I am going to become a regular listener. You have a great gift for interviewing." Dana Plautz, Mrs P Enterprises, LLC

"[Yours] was the most reflective interview I've had yet and it made me recall a little of things that I've done that were beneficial to the people I knew. Maybe I do have some good karma points stored up in the cosmic bank somewhere. I appreciate you picking up on the larger themes in the book." Jake Adelstein, author of TOKYO VICE

"You made it so easy for me to talk and you ask great questions!" --- Michele Howe, author of BURDENS DO A BODY GOOD

"You are such a great host. Your voice is so powerful over the radio. Continue to share your talents and knowlege so others may be encouraged." --- Valerie Dodson, author of DON'T DELAY YOUR INCREASE

"Your review (of ABRAMO'S GIFT) was unique in that you distilled a life lesson from the story, something that no reviewer has done. You focused upon some essence from the characters that, frankly, I had never thought about consciously, but I'm very gratified that you saw it. By the way, yours is the mark of a fine writer/reviewer. I wish that they were all as perceptive as you are. Where I come from, when someone does something as well as you, and when a young person shows the potential that you do, we say he's doing 'the Lord's work.' I have listened to our interview several times now, and have also shared it with some family and friends. And each time I hear it, I marvel at your mastery of interviewing technique. It is certainly something that is a talent, because I’ve seen many veterans of broadcasting not able to accomplish what you do so naturally and easily. Part of the success you have comes from your gentlemanly behavior that puts interviewees at ease. So thanks again for your kind treatment. I wish you all the best in whatever you do in your career, be it hosting of a book club, interviewing on national TV, writing books yourself, or some dream you hold in your secret heart." --- Don Greco, author of ABRAMO'S GIFT

"What a gentle and lovely, thoughtful host you are. And you threaded through the questions in the most amazing way..." Liz Rosenberg, author of HOME REPAIR

"You are by far the most prepared host I have interviewed with." --- Kirk Wilkinson, author of THE HAPPINESS FACTOR

"It is really refreshing to encounter an interviewer with his
intelligence, insights and who has actually read the book. I knew
nothing of him before this interview but I am completely impressed and
will keep an eye out for his undoubted career progress." --- Frederick LaCroix, author of THE SKY RAINED HEROES

"Being self-published. credibility means everything. Having me on your show and supporting me as you have is all part of that." --- Gary D. Kaschak, author of LIFESTONE

" Since our first interview, I've been following on your website all that you are doing for literacy to the point that I have been inspired to put in my little grain of rice towards literacy as well." --- Susan Violante, author of INNOCENT WAR

"Congratulations on your growing success! You certainly deserve it." --- Nesta Aharoni, author of MY GOODNESS: MY KIDS

"Cyrus is an inspirational hardworker who believes in the importance of literacy awareness. I was able to be one of Cyrus's coordinators for his National Day of Reading campaign in November 2009. It was a great experience and I am happy to be on board again for 2010. Cyrus uses his platform as an advocate and radio host to spread positive messages and to make a difference. I would suggest him to anyone serious about making a change through in the field of literacy development." --- Tara Michener, author of WHO I AM NOT WHAT I AM

"It’s a pleasure to work with a professional who’s nicely prepared, with thoughtful questions and a great personality." --- David Kelly, author of BABE RUTH AND THE BASEBALL CURSE

"There is something so amazing about standing on the edge of your dreams coming true. It's awe-inspiring, it's overwhelming and humbling. I want to thank you so much for taking part in my dream. I've listened to your other interviews and I think you are a special man." --- Kim Vazquez, author of LIVING IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR

"Thank you soooo much for allowing me to come on your show! It was an awesome
experience. I said I was nervous at first but you made me feel at ease. I can tell you got something from the book and read! I really hope that you were touched by it! Thanks for bringing out the part Mark 8:36!! Very impressive interview! May God Bless You and all your efforts!!" --- Cheryl Joyner Clark, author of NO MORE SUNDAY MORNINGS

"You were an excellent host. I'm more accustomed to interviewing than being interviewed but I did enjoy it. You're a very articulate and thorough interviewer..." Constantine Markides, host of Fourth Fiction

"You are an impressive young man. I am passing my baton to you, now. I know you'll carry it fast into the second decade of the 21st century. 'Webb's WEBISODES!' 'Do the WRITE Thang!' Man, I love it! SUPER CYRUS WEBB is a YOUNG CAPED CRUSADER who has absolutely blown this OLD caped crusader's MIND!" Dr. John Telford, author of A LIFE ON THE RUN

"You're always so cool, calm, collected and prepared..." Gail Kearns, To Press & Beyond

"Cyrus, you are on the fast track to success!" --- Deborah Gary, author of TEENAGE MOTHER

"Hello Cyrus, I loved doing the interview and thoroughly enjoyed talking with you.
You're a wonderful host and the interview is only as good as the host who is directing it." --- Carrie J. Keaton, author of TWO LOVES, ONE HEART

"Real talk, Cyrus has the best author blog talk radio show out there." --- Rahman Muhammad, founder of Book Bullies

"I want to thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to appear on your show. It was an honor to be part of Conversations Live, a show that consistently offers listeners meaningful content. You provide encouragement, contemplation and inspiration to your audiences. For me, your questions and the opportunity have allowed me to improve and grow. Thank you!" Cesca Janece Waterfield, author of BARTUB

"You're an awesome radio host." --- Ursula Hanks, author of IN MY HEART

"Cyrus, I want to thank you once again for featuring me on your radio show. I really enjoyed it. I do not take that moment lightly. I count it a privledge and an honor to be chosen in that capacity. You are making an awesome impact in many lives with your great works. It is my prayer that God richly bless you in all you are doing to bring about change and make a difference in this world." --- Charmaine Tucker, author of WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN

REVIEW: "A Life On The Run" by Dr. John Telford

It takes a great deal of courage and comfort with one's own self to write a memoir like that presented by Dr. John Telford in A LIFE ON THE RUN. While some might want to just focus on their achievements and what others believe make them great, Telford gives us the whole man, showing that imperfect, broken beings can be used to do things others just talk about but never accomplish.

The book is about action. Whether you are referring to his wide range of accolades, working on race relations and seeking change within the school system, one thing you can't say about the author is that he was just waiting on others to make a difference. He realized early on the importance of being the difference you wanted to see. The work may not ever be finished, but as long as there is a work in progress there is work to be done.

A LIFE ON THE RUN is a great book to reflect on in the New Year. With a life that spans many reincarnations, it seems one of the biggest lessons we can learn from John Telford is the importance of being true to yourself. If you are able to do that, maybe your life will be seen as a model for other imperfect individuals to learn from when it comes to making a difference.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cyrus Webb Interviewed By Dafna Michaelson For 50In52 Journey

Cyrus Webb is pleased to announce that the interview he participated in as part of the 50 In 52 Journey project (see is now available online. You can see the video at this link or by visiting the website

Webb was one of three Mississippians interviewed by Dafna Michaelson for the project that chronicles problem-solvers nationwide. Also featured are Embra Jackson and Rickey Thigpen, both of Jackson,MS.

Pickens Public Library in MS Begins 2010 With New Books

(Sunday, January 10, 2010) Though many organizations are struggling during the difficult economic times, establishments like the Pickens Public Library in Pickens, MS are benefiting from the community and others helping out with their shortfall. In desperate need of books, the library that has been around for almost 60 years, received over $1,000.00 in brand new books to be used by their patrons in the New Year. The books were donated by Stanley Clark and Cyrus Webb of For The People Productions and Conversations Book Club, thanks to a book drive the two began in 2009.

"Pickens will always have a special place in my heart," says Clark who calls the city home. He personally delivered the books to the library. "I was glad we were able to do something to benefit so many."

Webb agrees. "Thanks to the partnerships we have made over the past few years, it was an easy assignment to get the books. The written word has so much power, and I know the books will be well used."

Many of the books were from clients that Webb represents through his publicity division of Shadow Play Entertainment, including national recording artist/author Jacki-O of Miami, FL and Mr. Mean Mug of Ft. Worth, TX, author of TATTOO TEARS. Jacki-O, who visited Mississippi while promoting her first novel GROWN & GANGSTA says that the new year is a perfect time to commit to making books a part of your daily life. "Even in my business, reading is important," she says. "I know some think it's just about the glitz and glamour, but education is the key to your success. I want young people especially to know that whether you are a rapper, athlete or a doctor you have to be able to read."

Saddie McDonald, who has worked at the Pickens Public Library for three years was grateful for the extra help the books will provide. "We have young people here all the time who are looking for something new, something that fits their interests. Donations such as this will help us keep them in a safe place and off the streets."

The book donation isn't the end of Clark and Webb's involvment with Pickens Public Library. They will also be volunteering during their summer program as well.

"We hope that individuals and organizations will take this example and use it wherever they are," says Webb. "It's not always about how much money you give. Your time is just as valuable."

To find out more about the Pickens Public Library, contact Saddie McDonald or Quincee Barton at 1.662.468.2391. For additional information about upcoming events hosted by For The People, visit or contact Stanley Clark at 1.773.315.9286. To find out more about Conversations Book Club and its upcoming projects, visit or email Cyrus Webb at

Friday, January 8, 2010

KUT SUPREME: Using 'TRIAL and ERROR' To Make His Mark In '10

He is known to many as the Son-In-Law of Hip Hop Legend Ice-T, but at a time where the relatives of celebrities count on their famous connections to get by in life, 30-year old recording artist/producer Kut Supreme wants his own talent as an emcee and artist to speak for itself.

As far back as 2005, Kut Supreme could be found performing in clubs across Kentucky. He's been featured on two compilation albums (GOT IT BOYZ, THE BLAK CODES ENTERTAINMENT CHAPTER 1 and THE UNDERGROUND EVOLUTION PAGE 1) and has had the pleasure of performing with artists not only in Mississippi and Kentucky but in Alabama and Georgia as well.

One-half of the group The Blak Circle, Kut Supreme is also a solo artist that is hoping to make 2010 his with the release of his album TRIAL & ERROR.
"Music has always been a part of my life, and now I am able to make a name for myself on my own terms."

TRIAL & ERROR is a lyrical journal of the young artist's life. Seen as his most personal work to date, listeners will get a glimpse at a man that is just beginning to let others in.

"When I get in the booth or on stage I am telling the story of my life, or our life," says Kut. "I rap about the experiences I have seen, but I also like to give the people fun music they can ride to, dance to or just chill to." Feel-good tracks like High Roller are just part of the diversity the new project brings.

"I'm just ready to take this music game and my career to the next level," says Kut. "I've put in work over the years, and it's beginning to pay off for me big time. I'm ready for it all."

Other than promoting himself as an artist, Kut is also involved promoting the importance of reading through a project called HIP HOP & BOOKS (see "When I heard about the "Hiphop & Books" project, I knew I had to be a part of it," Kut explained. "I want people that enjoy my music and that of other Hip Hop artists to know that we are more than just entertainers. We are intelligent human beings as well. Education is important, and reading opens the mind. Anything dealing with helping others help themselves is a good thing."

To find out more about Kut Supreme and TRIAL & ERROR, visit Contact Cyrus Webb for interviews or bookings at or 601.896.5616.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rapper/Author Jacki-O Prepares To Show She's "Relentless"

In 2010, Shadow Play Entertainment is using the slogan "READ to WIN in 2010" to hightlight its commitment to promote literacy in the new year. As part of that mission, it is pleased to announce that its lead publicist Cyrus A. Webb (aka C. A. Webb) will once again be working with the Madam of Miami, Recording artist/Author Jacki-O.

In 2008 Webb coordinated the southern tour for Jacki-O's debut novel GROWN & GANGSTA, published by Platinum-selling recording artist/bestselling author Corey "C-Murder" Miller's company TRU PUBLISHING.
Now the two are back together, promoting the importance of reading and preparing the world for Jacki-O's second book RELENTLESS.

"Those who have followed the career of Jacki-O know that she has alot to say," says Webb, 34.
"RELENTLESS is part one of Jacki telling her own story. No fiction here. This is her truth as she has lived it. Readers will learn about what drew her to pursue music in the first place, her ups and downs in the business as well as the controntations she has had to deal with in order to earn her respect and get where she is."

RELENTLESS will also take you into the true story of her departure from the record company that began her career, what really led to her highly publicized beefs and where she is headed now as an artist and businesswoman.

Webb also says that the Madam of Miami will also be sharing tips for those trying to break into the business, using her own life as a guide.
Look for details to be released soon through Jacki-O's official Myspace or through Shadow Play Entertainment. To schedule interviews or appearances, contact Cyrus A. Webb at or 601.896.5616.

"My Heart Has Wings": Conversations' Book of the Year 2010

Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to announce that "My Heart Has Wings" by author Kris King has been chosen as the Book of the Year for 2010.

"The choice of King's book as our feature during the New Year was based on its message of hope, triumph and forward-looking appeal," says Cyrus Webb,34, President of Conversations Book Club and the host of Conversations LIVE! Radio. "Having read the book twice myself, I am convinced that book lovers and anyone looking for encouragement and reassurance will benefit from it." Webb officially made the announcement of the pick during his live radio show Friday, January 1, 2010 while the author was on the program (see

"My Heart Has Wings" chronicles experiences of the author, and in 52 chapters, it allows the reader to take a walk through her life, learn from her challenges and accomplishments and even add their own reflections along the way. Kris King has been a repeat guest of Conversations LIVE! Radio and her book has been featured by the book club on several of its "Best of" lists.

Beginning Monday, January 4, 2010, listeners of Conversations LIVE! Radio's Monday 1p.m. EST (12p.m. CST/10a.m. PT) program will hear Webb read a chapter of "My Heart Has Wings" at 25 min. past the hour. Each chapter ends with reflection questions that he will also ask.

To find out more information about author Kris King, visit The book "My Heart Has Wings" has its own website,

To hear archived shows from Conversations LIVE! Radio or to find out who will be on the show next, visit

Monday, January 4, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: “Abramo’s Gift” by Donald Greco

If there is one thing that history has shone us it is that trying to run away from your past never works. No matter where we try to go or what we do, there will always be some remnant or memory that lingers from the time that we think we want to forget.

I was reminded of this when I recently finished the book Abramo’s Gift by author Donald Greco. His book, though set in the early 1900s, rings of so many lessons that we can and should learn from today. Abramo Cardone is a man who has experienced the loss of his beloved wife and child and has set off on a journey from his homeland of Italy to the Americas, namely Ohio, to begin anew. Still struggling with grief and unsure of where his live is headed, Abramo is faced with new challenges in the land of promise that will again cause him to love and risk loss at the sake of what he knows to be the right course of action.

You see, Abramo comes face to face with the reality that no matter where you are, there will be individuals who are hurting, will experience hurt or are intent on causing hurt. Case in point is Molly, a young woman full of life and promise who is violated and left with the knowledge that because of no fault of her own she might not be able to have children. While discussing this fate with her father, Greco gives us a look at the painful realty for so many who have been abused and have to face the aftermath. “You are not damaged goods, Moll,” her father says to her. “It won’t matter, Daddy,” Molly responds. “It’ll matter to the good ones,” her father assures.” And some may want you only for children, but the very best will want you only because of you…Only you. And that will be the beginning of God’s restitution to you.”

What a beautiful passage, and it is made even more real to Molly as she remembers that the man who was there for her after the assault—Abramo—just wanted to help with no thought of himself. Through the life of this woman and a series of events that would cause his own life to be in danger as well, an important lesson is learned by our main character: You don’t want to forget the past, just learn to use it as you move forward to help others and heal yourself. Abramo also realizes that if you are so blinded by what you have lost, you might not see what is available in front of you.

Abramo’s Gift is really the author’s gift to the world when it comes to a guide that we can use when we feel as though no one has gone through what we have. It helps us to face the very things that might be holding us back and gives us the strength to use our own experiences to be a blessing to someone around us.

--- Reviewed by Cyrus Webb for Conversations Book Club and Conversations Magazine

Friday, January 1, 2010

REVIEW: "The Happiness Factor" by Kirk Wilkinson

With a New Year normally come new resolutions based on what we would like to see accomplished for ourselves and others in the future. Indeed, as we listen to the news and think about the trials that so many are experiencing it is enough to bring you down and make you feel as though all hope is lost. Not so. We have only to look at the examples of those who have weathered difficult times and succeeded to see that in many instances we are the ones really limiting ourselves.

Take for instance Kirk Wilkinson. He has spent almost half his life trying to assist others in realizing the potential that they possess. He has released a powerful book called “The Happiness Factor: How to be Happy No Matter What!” and through it he shared not only his practical advice for others but showed his credentials to do so. You see, Kirk is not just someone who is talking about a subject without having any real experience with it. He has personally had to use the information to get through his own low points. He was abandoned at a young age by his mother and had to keep himself motivated while setting and reaching his won goals. Twice in his life he has battled cancer and not even that could destroy him. He now wants you to see that it is not what you have but who you are that makes or breaks you.

He writes: “If you are waiting for a new job before you can be happy, if you are waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right to come into your life before you can be happy, if you are waiting for a wayward child to find his way before you can be happy, then you are missing the chance for peace and happiness in this very moment.” To me his point is we have to take advantage of the time we have right now. We have to make the most out of what we have in front of us because that time will never be ours again. It seems so simple, however, how easily we forget when things don’t go quite the way we would like.

In his book Kirk even addresses how his mother’s absence strengthened his resolve to do his best and not allow others to control his level of happiness. The Happiness Factor is more than just a book to make you feel good today. It is a guide to enjoying where you are and looking with anticipation and hope to the days ahead. I stopped making New Year’s resolutions some times ago. Now I make a daily resolve not to repeat the person I was but to work on the person I want to be. If all of us make that our goal I think we can be confident about the world we can create tomorrow.