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When it comes to relationships, people tend to look in different directions for that perfect individual. Some turn to dating sites or their friends. Others look to their faith and the power of prayer for the answers. Not many will write about their experience the way Tracy Bell has. In her book CONVERSATIONS OF A SISTAH, she takes us into not just her feelings and experiences with relationships, but the advice she finds herself giving to others about the subject as well.

Though it's obvious that the writer is a woman of deep convictions, that doesn't stop her from keeping it real with the reader and herself in her description of situations she has gone through as well as her thoughts about those around her.
The book is not just about finding the right mate. Bell lets us into other relationships and trying times including how she deals with the death of those she loves, and the place she turns to for spiritual support.

Judging by what some would say were choice curse words, this book is not a conservative journey of a woman looking to let her circumstances and situations dictate the way she is to respond. It's quite clear that Tracy Bell is more than capable to make her own decisions and has no problem articulating those to others.

Take for instance a time in her life when she feels a certain advisor in the church is not taking care of the flock the way he should. She writes: "I came to the conclusion that Dr. Simon was a whore. A Pentecostal pimp whom mentally and emotionally manipulated women in his ministry. I tolerated whores in the world; I didn't have to tolerate one in the church." Not very timid in her thinking, is she? No, but isn't that what you would expect from someone who wants to walk through life without regrets.

Though the title might lead you to think differently, CONVERSATIONS OF A "SISTAH" can be enjoyed by men and women who are trying to find a clear, honest voice that might fit their own. As long as you approach it with an open mind and heart, you are bound to feel a little different after reading it.

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