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January 17-23, 2008 --- The Chicago Tribune to Oprah: 'You might want to watch your back'

January 17-23, 2008: THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE TO OPRAH: 'You might want to watch your back' by Jackson Advocate News Service
An article in the Sunday Chicago Tribune was sent to Conversations Book Club President Cyrus A. Webb Jan. 7. The first line read: "Oprah Winfrey might want to watch her back."

"In those eight words was the validation on the path I have been headed in leading a literary revolution," according to Webb.

"For our book club to be mentioned in the same breath as Oprah is such an honor," Webb, 31, said in a blog to his supports in Chicago.

The book club he began in November 2006 with three members has grown to seven chapters in Mississippi, making it the largest reading group in the state and giving it national attention for hosting a record-breaking 32 authors to the state at no charge to the attendees.

Now in 2008, the book club will be hosting 61 authors in preson and opening up new chapters in New Orleans, Montgomery, Memphis, Little Rock, and Chicago--most of which will be moderated by Webb.

"I think the difference in this project and what I have done in the past or continue to do is that it's not about me," Webb explains. "I am just excited about people reading. That is what matters most to me."

The Chicago Tribune article mentions that on January 19th, Webb will be continuing his partnership with Corey "C-Murder" Miller in New Orleans, he being the first author to kick off the book club there. The two have partnered in other projects as well, including a live author chat that will debut later this month.

MTV was the first national outlet to highlight the partnership between Miller and Webb this year during their MTVNews segment on Saturday, January 2, 2008.

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