Friday, September 16, 2011

Media Personality Cyrus Webb Addresses Eating Disorder In New Article

On Conversations LIVE radio show and through Conversations Magazine media personality Cyrus Webb discusses a variety of topics with his guests including overcoming challenges and personal demons. Through the discussions, however, the attention rarely goes to Webb himself. Now for the first time in six years the Mississippi native addresses his own battle with eating disorders publicly.

"I have always seen Conversations as a way to share the stories of others, not my own," says Webb, 36. "Though many of them are discussing issues that I can't personally relate to, I know what it's like to struggle with a problem that threatens to destroy you." In an article published by Frugivore Magazine this week Webb talks about how his own perception of himself and weight led to him embarking on a dangerous journey. (Read the article here: )

The first time Webb talked about his struggle with an eating disorder was in 2005 on what was then Conversations with C. A. Webb on WMPR 90.1 FM out of Jackson, MS. "People got to know about my fight through some of the poetry I had shared at some of my events," says Webb. "That year I had begun to exercise more and as a result I lost some weight. Some thought that the weight-loss was because I had relapsed. Though I don't normally feel the need to address everything I hear about myself, I thought it was important to address it publicly. The radio show was the perfect spot."

Webb admits that being in the public brings attention to what you look like no matter what your sex or race. He hopes the article will help people to appreciate that some struggles transcends those things. It's up to us to address them and help others do the same.

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