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REVIEW: “A Voice Behind Thunder” by Carrie Elizabeth Greene

“A Voice Behind Thunder” by Carrie Elizabeth Greene

(Note: Cyrus Webb interviewed the author on Conversations LIVE! Radio. You can hear the interview at this link: His print interview with the author can be read here:

We all have been there: faced with a decision that could either be the greatest move in our lives or one of the most disastrous. Try as we might to weigh both sides and make a sensible decision there is always something inside that tells us what way we are supposed to go. Some call it our conscience. I have heard others refer to it as “the little voice”. The latter came to me as I finished reading the debut novel by Mississippi author Carrie Elizabeth Greene called A Voice Behind Thunder.

She has managed to craft together a storyline that is not only universal but somber in its message. We meet a couple who like many are trying to balance their personal lives with their faith and daily responsibilities. It’s not easy as we know, but they are trying to please each other while being true to their faith. You have the husband, Donovan, who believes there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place. In his efforts to be all things to all people, though, he unwittingly leaves his wife, Rachel, unattended and easy prey for temptation which comes in the form of a manipulator named Marcus.

The chain of events that occur next threaten to destroy them all, but hope is not lost. Remember, Donovan does want to do the right thing, and though he is confronted with challenges that could end his life he remains true to what he believes to be his calling: helping others. When the truth begins to unfold he has a conversation with Marcus that underscores what I believe to be the message of the entire book.

“Marcus, you are the only one who can make the difference,” Donovan says during a heated exchange. “Only you have the power to calm this raging storm. There is a small voice; if we listen we can hear it speaking softly to us. Far behind the thunder in our minds, it’s speaking to our hearts. Listen to the voice, Marcus, and God will help you do the right thing.”

Marcus’ next words mirror the feelings of some who have hardened their hearts: “I stopped listening a long time ago, and I don’t want to heart it anyway. I like what I’m doing. I did a lot to accomplish this, I don’t want to change.” (p. 180)

I don’t want to give the rest of the story away, but I think all of us do well to read this book and see how we can best respond to that ‘voice’ we are faced with from time to time. Kudos to Greene for helping us to realize that with all the hustle and bustle we face in life, when it seems we are all alone maybe it’s because we just aren’t listening hard enough. Don’t worry, though. There is still time, so let’s begin right now.

Review written by Cyrus A. Webb, President of Conversations Book Club and host of Conversations LIVE! Radio. He can be reached at

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