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Friday, February 5, 2009 --- "Friends of Richland Library welcomes Writer/Artist" in Rankin County News

On the evening of Thursday, February 4, 1999, at six o' clock, the Friends of the Richland Library hosted a reception for an exciting new artist and writer, Cyrus A. Webb, IV. This young man, just twenty-three years old, has launched himself well onto the arts and literary scenes. An excellent craftsman, Webb has on exhibit throughout the month of February, a collection of figurative works in pencil and charcoal--portraits of the famous and obscure, as well as figure drawings. All of his drawings, exhibited under the collective title, "Reflections of You", are attempts to express his moods at the time each was executed. An evocative drawing of Princess Anne of Great Britain captures what might be perceived as hesitation in the face of glaring scrutiny. Most are extremely well-drawn, while some are just a little crudely made. A laughing child, has proven to be a favorite. While most are in black and whilte, some few drawings have a delicate hint of color. On exhibit also, is a series of design drawings in color, of Webb's ideas for a new clothing line. Webb, who has incorporated himself as C. A. Webb Enterprises, designs attractive, tasteful, and colorful office wear for the professional woman.

Once the picture taking was out of the way, the crowed of about thirty-five to forty settled down to hear Cyrus Webb talk about his art. It was, to say the least, an inspirational revelation. Mr. Webb, a native of Brandon, spoke honestly and openly of his life-long love of art and drawing and of the strong desire to pursue an art career which led him, barely out of high school, to New York City.

While living on his own and dilgently studying to prepare himself as an artist in the great city, he began to experience a numbness in his hands. When the sensation could no longer be denied, a trip to a physician led to surgery on both hands. The problem was carpal tunnel syndrome and the doctor told him he would probably never again be able to use his hands to draw. For a visual artist, this is virtually a death sentence.

Webb shared with the group listening intently, that he entered into a period of depression lasting many months. But, he began to work with his hands, and the result of his therapy is to be seen on the walls of the Magnolia Room at Richland Library.

Did this reporter writer that a few of the drawings were just a bit crudely drawn? Perhaps they are, but, their crudity illustrates far better than many successful drawings what can truly be called a "triumph of spirit".

As a fitting end to his enlightening talk, Webb shared several of his poems, a number of which have been or are about to be published. Writing is his first love, and he won numerous awards for his writing while in high school. Like his mood drawings, they reflect his inner life and are very moving.

Cyrus Webb may lose the use of his hands eventually. He saw his doctor in November and was told that his hands are getting worse; but, he told the group present that evening, that he intends to enjoy what he can do while he can do it and not worry about that day in the future when he might be forced to turn to something else...

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