Monday, January 11, 2010

REVIEW: "A Life On The Run" by Dr. John Telford

It takes a great deal of courage and comfort with one's own self to write a memoir like that presented by Dr. John Telford in A LIFE ON THE RUN. While some might want to just focus on their achievements and what others believe make them great, Telford gives us the whole man, showing that imperfect, broken beings can be used to do things others just talk about but never accomplish.

The book is about action. Whether you are referring to his wide range of accolades, working on race relations and seeking change within the school system, one thing you can't say about the author is that he was just waiting on others to make a difference. He realized early on the importance of being the difference you wanted to see. The work may not ever be finished, but as long as there is a work in progress there is work to be done.

A LIFE ON THE RUN is a great book to reflect on in the New Year. With a life that spans many reincarnations, it seems one of the biggest lessons we can learn from John Telford is the importance of being true to yourself. If you are able to do that, maybe your life will be seen as a model for other imperfect individuals to learn from when it comes to making a difference.

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