Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shadow Play Entertainment Presents "What Makes Me ME" Volume 1

They're only four words, but they can be a question or an absolute expression of who you are: "What Makes Me ME". That was the assignment that multi-media personality Cyrus Webb of Shadow Play Entertainment presented to Mrs. Jacqueline Bolden's students at Peeples Middle School in Jackson, MS on May 4th and 5th of 2010. Regardless of what they thought their fellow classmates knew about them or what others might have said about them, this was their opportunity to share with the world who they were in their own words.

It was a challenging assignment, but one that most of the students took hold of and completed. They were not told what to share. They were not told how much to write. They were just asked to tell you about them.

Here you will find the essays that will be part of a special project that Shadow Play Entertainment and Cyrus Webb are calling "What Makes Me ME, Volume 1". Enjoy!


"Making good grades and being a football player makes me me. First, school and education come first before any sports. Education is important, because it can get you somewhere. Playing sports is great, too, but I still go with education. Football is my favorite sport, and I will go pro."

"I am very quiet. I don't like talking to alot of people, because I don't know how to hold a conversation. I love playing video games, because I don't get to go outside. My parents are very protective of me. My plans when I grow up is to become a game designer. One of my biggest goals is to learn how to talk to people without being shy. Everybody always tell me that I will come out of it. I also love animals."

"What makes me me? I like playing basketball. I play for Peeples Middle School. I like making good decisions. I am in the 8th grade and will be going to Terry High School."

"I like teasing. I'm doing good at school. I'm passing all of my classes, and I already know how to drive."

"What makes me, me? I've been through alot in my life, but when we discovered that my dad had Alzheimer’s, it was a heartbreaker. What makes me me is that I'm not afraid to say that I actually have emotions. As I stated before, I have been through alot."

"Have you ever felt that you miss something so much that you want to give up all hope? Well, I used to live in Florida with my mom and my brother until we got the news about my dad. I guess the stress was too much on my mom, and we then discovered she had congested heart failure. My feelings are skin deep, and once again the fact that I've been through alot, and I can honestly say I'm a real man. That's what makes me me."

"What makes me me is just by staying to myself. I don't hang around the bad kids. I hang with myself sometimes or with the good kids. When I was in the seventh grade, I got jumped by some kids. This was at Siwell Middle School. I am the one that always get picked on."

"I am very unique. I have my own style. I plan to attend college. When I graduate from college I would like to be a doctor or lawyer. I want to be very successful in my career. I wish that my family had alot of money. If we had that money, I would make our community better and do many more things in the city of Jackson. I hope all my friends go to High School and attend college to make something out of themselves. I also hope they have a good job. This is a little about me. I plan to achieve all of my goals."

"The things that make me Me are the things that have happened in my life. I have been through so much stuff that goes as far as my mother and her decisions. The boys that I have let take part in my life have taught me alot. The girls I used to call my friends are no longer my friends. There is a reason for everything, but sometimes I just can't find it. My sisters and brothers also make me who I am. There are four special people in my life that have made me the person I am today. I love them for everything they do and have done. Another thing That is great in my life is school. If I wasn't in school, I wouldn't be where I am today. I try to ignore the ignorance, and I live for what I want. Life is what you make it."

"I love singing and dancing. My mom is always telling me to stop making all that noise. I try my best at school to make As and Bs on my report card and progress reports. I always try to beat my Step dad at games we play on Xbox 360 all the time."

"In my life sometimes I go through things, but when I go through things, I pray to God. Children have called me out of my name since I was in Elementary School, but I still just move on. The friends I hang around cause me to go the wrong way. I try to stay on the right track and not mess up, but some comes my way every time. At home I sometimes feel sad, because you have to clean, do other things, school, and this and that. Sometimes I just want to go away. It's alot, but I just keep it all in. I let some of it out by crying and my heart just be hurting. The only time I'm happy is when I talk to my boyfriend. He makes me smile, laugh and everything. And we talk on positive things, nothing negative. These are just some of the problems I have in my life."

"What makes me me is the fact that I don't let alot of stuff get to me. I do play alot at times. I have a nonchalant attitude. I'm originally from Gulfport, MS. Since I was in the 4th grade, I've had to from my point of view look out for myself. My mom is just now stepping in my brother's, sisters and my life. My grandparents raised us most of our lives. While living in Clinton (MS), my grandparents gave my sister the choice to either stay with them or stay with my mom. So my brother and me were going to Gulfport with our grandparents. My brother and me lived in Gulfport for about two years, then we moved to Jackson. That's what makes me me."

"I was born in Flowood, MS in River Oaks Hospital on August 28th. My mom told me I was the best things that ever happened to her. Later on when I was two years old, my parents got a divorce, so I moved out to a new house that I know call home. I have two brothers. I love my brothers with all my heart, but they get on my nerves. For 1st through 3rd grade I was in Catholic school. The tuition got too high, and I was sent to public school. I got to fighting with my friend in 4th grade, . I was later suspended and couldn't go to the dance. Middle School has been fun. I have had arguments with a couple of my friends. I have learned when people talk about you that you shouldn't take it to heart, because they most likely are insecure and need to talk about others to make themselves feel better."

"What makes me me is... ME. I have my own way of life, my own swagger. My mom and dad are in my life. My dad is not visible, but he is heard everyday at night. He is overseas on a contractor job, so my mom is at home with me trying to make due until my dad comes home. I actually don't like my home, because my mom treats me like I was the stepchild, and because my sister is pregnant. She is the royal child. I think that she should be the stepchild for getting pregnant. My big brother lives with us, too. I can't wait until my dad comes home, because when he is here a whole lot of things change. I am the person that makes me me."

"If I had a chance to make a difference in my life, I would turn my life around by not cussing and acting like a child. I am a quiet, confident person, and the one true dream that I really want to accomplish is becoming a rapper. I love to rap. I could rap about anything and everything. When I was younger, I used to write stories but now I love to rhyme so I'm going to stick to tat one true dream."

"In my life I am having problems with my mom. She treats my younger three brothers better than she treats me. Sometimes that hurts. In my future I want to work with animals. I love to be around and help animals. I plan on owning my own vet, but I also want to follow in the career of drawing. Basically I am torn in between the two."

"My mom is what makes me. I say this, because no matter what I do she will support me no matter what is said. I have also told her that after I leave college that I would like to start my own daycare. She said that she would do all that she could do to help me. She has even helped me now by telling her friends about my babysitting."

"For my high school year I will be attending Forest Hill High School. I am on their drill team for 2010-2011. My favorite hobby is dancing."

"I am from New Orleans, LA. I like to dance and do hair. I've had so many deaths in my family. It been kind of hard for me to get back on track. I like to read various types of books with lots of drama. I really do not have problems, but I have family issues I have to deal with until it gets taken care of. When I get older, I want to have my own shop full of hair products."

"My past is what makes me me. My mother is a very strict woman. My mother was beaten by my stepfather around 2006. Ever since then she's gotten even more strict. When I was twelve, I did think about suicide. I couldn't take living any longer. People were spreading rumors, and I had gotten punished for getting suspended. That's what made me the man I am, and I've been dreaming big since then. When I grow up I want to become an attorney. I am going to pursue my dreams to the fullest."

"I'm a funny and cool person to hang around. I love being with my friends and on the phone."

"What makes me me is that I have not had the greatest childhood. My dad used to beat on my mom. I have seen my friends do drugs, and have had one of my friends shot in the head. I have been bit by a pit bull on my arm. I have a cousin who was shot in front of his house. I am still positive about the future. When I grow up, I would like to become a pro football player."

"What made me me? What made me me is how my mother stays on my tail. My mother wants everything to be perfect. She always tells e that I can do better, but I like the way she stays on me. It helps me to do better as I grow up in the big world. It getting easier as I get older."

"The only one bad thing that I can actually remember is that a person close to me has gotten beaten. I actually remember we were going to the park and my grandma and her boyfriend stayed in the car. I saw him beat her while in the car. I'm glad to say that she got out of it and now is an ordained minister. Since I see that she turned her life around and is doing something good, that inspires me to just listen to my elders and stay on the right track. I also want to be a best-selling author."

"What I want to do for now is get a car and play football then get a house and live my life on from there."

"What makes me me is that I do things that some kids don't do. The person that made me who I am today is my grandma. I am the second oldest sibling, and I stay with my grandma and my oldest sister. I lost my dad while in the 4th grade. I lost his mother (my other grandma) in the 3rd grade. Every night before I go to sleep, I sometimes crazy. I always had somebody to talk to, but now they're gone. My grandma on my mother's side is trying to stay strong for me. I always was with my dad every day after school. I remember what my daddy told me. He said, 'Whenever a door closes, God always opens a window or another.' I sometimes cry when I talk about the things that we did. I was at Blackburn Middle School before I came to Peeples. I really like it here at Peeples because I made alot of friends. So all I got to say is R.I.P. to my Dad and my grandma. I love both of you no matter what. I will always do what you told me. I will watch over my sisters and brothers like I promised. So I love you both and will never do anything to disappoint you."

"I am a racer. I will go for anything that can make me successful in life. I want to be an engineer, lawyer and maybe a film producer. I got a dirt bike that take names like that hot rod or ninja. That little green bike can move faster than a car. I will take any challenge in life. Live on, kids, and follow your dream."

"The first major thing happened to me 5 years ago when my mom's fiancé was shot 16 times at his job. The second thing that happened to me was 8 years ago when I was 6 years ago when I was 6 years old. I was hit by an Explorer truck. I had an abusive stepmother and instead of hitting me, she ran over me. The only person I could talk to died when I was in the hospital, so that really hurt, too. What I want to do is talk to children and help them make good decisions when they get older. I also want to be a lawyer to make sure people get treated fairly. I want to be the First Lady President. I want to be a congresswoman. I feel like there's alot I can do to help my community and everyone in it. All the money I make will go towards rebuilding my community and helping the disabled adults and children. God is love, and love is hope that we will succeed."

"I grew up in Raymond, MS, living with my grandparents. I used to live in an abusive household with my father beating on my mother. Every since then I told my mom I will never go through what she went through. As a child getting older, I didn't understand why he did what he did, so I treated him different. Then during my sixth grade year in school the most tragic thing happened to me: my dad died at the age of 38. I was only 12 when it happened. Every since then I have always dreamed of being a doctor."

"I am in the band at Peeples Middle School. I want to become a businessman and run my own company."

"I am a great person. Sometimes I act foolish, but I have a very good life. I want to become a very successful person and graduate college. From here I want to go on and fulfill my dream to become a pro football player. I also want to become a loving and caring father."

"The struggle in my economy and family are what make me who I am today. The pain also makes me who I am. I want to be a well known football star that everyone knows."

"As a little girl, I participated in pageants. I was Little Miss America. Nobody wanted their daughters to compete against me. They always used to ask my mom for tips and advice, but she never told them too much. In middle school I participated in drill team and track. At first I couldn't really dance, but I eventually learned how. In track I was the truth. It's almost like I'm an Energizer Bunny because after a race in like 5 min. I would be ready to run again. When I grow up I plan on going pro in track and look up to my role model Wilma Rudolph."

"I was born in November 1995 in Jackson, MS. I attend Peeples Middle School. When I finish with middle school, I would like to attend Forest Hill High School. After that I would like to attend Mississippi State University. I want to become a successful pediatrician when I finish college."

"I'm a very young gentleman who loves school, and I'm very active. I want to become a famous NBA All-Star, but if I don't make it there, I will become an architect."

"I am smart, and I want to play football when I grow up. I have played it ever since I was little. When I get to the Pros, I'm going to make a lot of money and take care of my family because it is the right thing to do. I want to play for the New Orleans Saints because that is one of my favorite teams."

"I'm kind of a mama's boy. My favorite sport is football, and yes I kills in that. I also enjoy boxing. Someday I would like to become a professional boxer, and yeah I'm going to be undefeatable. That's just me."

"I want to become a mathematician. I love math. My attitude makes me me. I have a smart mouth which makes me fun. Also people who talk about me makes me who I am, because it makes me stronger."

"My father did drugs and tried to himself many times. One day he supposedly succeeded. That was about 5 years ago. Ever since, I have been lonely. I tried to kill myself once, but I stopped myself. I feel as if I have been abandoned, so tend to keep to myself. I like to be alone, but I always want someone there for me. I feel as if no one cares about me, and no one loves me. Even though I am going through this, I still wish to be somebody. I don't really know what I want to be when I grow up, but I want to explore different things and find what's best for me."

"Most of the time at school I am very loud and fun to be around. I think I have alot of friends because of my happy and funny spirit. I think I am a very intelligent and beautiful young lady that can be anything I put my mind to. I have always wanted to become a beautician since I can remember. I do my hair, my family's hair and even my friends. I'm very good at what I do. It has been my dream to own my own beauty shop or be a stylist. I know that I can and will make my dream come true. I don't take no as an answer."

"I grew up in Jackson (MS) and lived with my grandparents most of my younger childhood. I lived on the inside of abuse done by my father towards my mother. I saw many different cruel acts done against the people I love and because of that I became depressed. I also tried to commit suicide twice. But by the grace of God, I realize that I could be better than that. I love school, and I want to get a good education. I have big dreams for myself. I want to open outreach centers for young girls with stories like mine. I also want to be a general surgeon. I know that I can do anything I try."

"I am a charming, gregarious 8th grader with big dreams. I love dancing, playing, drawing and hanging out with my friends. As the youngest of 4 siblings, I have to make the grades, because I know that my brothers and sisters have already thrown their lives away. Later in life, I want to become a J-Sette of Jackson State. I also would love to become a lawyer."

"I am a cool, funny, smart and crazy girl. When I come to school I have many friends talking to me and clowning around every day. Also, when I am at home, I like to go outside and play with my friends and chill with them. One day I found out that my cousin was in a car accident because he was drinking alcohol, and it made me want to commit suicide. Then I had to think about what would happen to my life. I want to be a basketball player when I get older, and I can't have that dream come true if I die."

"I am a smart, sophisticated, loving girl that attends Peeples Middle School. When I come to school people see me as a smart, funny and crazy girl. At home I'm the coolest person you can ever know. My second aunt was raped and beaten nearly to death. Everyday I think about her screaming it makes me sad. When I grow older I want to become a Federal Marshall."

"I love my life. I love to play football, basketball, soccer and baseball. I have a great family and great friends. I like to hang out with them. I would like to become a pro football player."

"I am a very confident and mature person. I love to be with my family and friends. When I am with my friends, we always have fun---and I am often loud. I am a very outgoing and fun person to be around. I can be silly and goofy, but when it's time to be serious, I can be very serious. I believe I can do anything I get my mind to and that nobody can stop me or put me down. I am not sure what I want to be, but I know I love to be photographed. I know I want to be someone that helps people and make a difference. I want to help people through problems."

"Different things have happened in my life that I wished hadn't happened. My father has diabetes, and my grandpa does too.. Usually they have to go to the hospital alot, and I worry about them alot. My family wants me to make something out of myself. They want me to be better and do things better than what they did. I want to be a singer when I grow up, but if that doesn't really work out, I want to be a lawyer and set examples for other young people that want to reach their dreams."

"I was born in Michigan. My mom was a great woman, but my dad beat on her and always tried to strangle her. By grace she didn't die. My dad used to always tell someone he was going to shoot them...and that's how he died. My dad was in a gang. He lived by the gun and died by the gun. After he died we moved from place to place. We finally got stable and moved to Mississippi. After a few months our step dad moved in. he beat us for everything. One day my sister called (child) services on him, and we were interviewed but nothing happened.. My sister and I ran away one time. They put us in a shelter separating me from my sister, and then we moved in with my aunt. I stayed there about 2 years. This time I believe I'm at the right place. I have won many certificates, and I am ready to go to college to major in Biology and become an orthodontist or dermatologist."

"What makes me me is being criticized by everyone everywhere I go. I have girls who look at me everyday like they're disgusted at me when I haven't done anything to anyone. Boys pick on me because I am smaller than they are, and I don't have the courage to speak up for myself. I can honestly say, though, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. For years now my family has been having issues with one another. When they get like this, it takes a toll on the whole family. We can't see each other or talk to each other. My aunt lost her mother when she was younger and hasn't been the same since. My mom is scarred along with my uncle and aunt because my cousin was murdered. Some boys jumped him, put a sock in his mouth, and they burned the sock. My sperm donor was never a part of my life. I wish I could call him daddy. It's a little late for that. My stepfather is all the dad I need..."

"Born in September 1996...I attended private school about eight years, then I came to public school..."

"I have to go through alot of things. My dad was shot in the chest. He died in 2004. Then in 2008 my aunt was stabbed numerous times and run over by her boyfriend. In 2009 my grandma and grandfather died. It was hard to see my grandmother leave first and two days later my grandfather died. I was once beat by my mom's boyfriend. Sometimes I would just want to run away. He would sometimes tell me I won't be anything, but he don't know what I can be. He can't stop me from becoming a teacher. That's what I have wanted to be. When my dad passed away, in school my As and Bs became Cs and Ds. It was hard for me to stay focused on my school work. It's hard when you lose your loved ones..."

"What makes me me is staying positive and staying focused. What I have been through in the past is very sad. I lost alot of people. Everybody I was close to died. Every time I think about it I just want to die. I hate the way I look and my size. People talk about my weight and make me want to crawl in a corner and die. I tried to cut my wrists and overdose on pills. I used to smoke weed and was out of control. I talked back to the teachers and said I didn't care. Now I have decided that I don't want to kill myself like my best friend did. We did everything together and now she is dead. So now I'm trying to be a better person. Now I pray every night and tell God to watch over my loved ones and me. I am 15 years old."

"I was born in California and am the youngest in my family. When I was seven years old, my mother died in her sleep. After that, it seemed like nothing was going to get better. I've been talked about, beat on and lied on. It all seemed to happen everyday of my life, but it's one thing I always think of: I'm still here."

"I went through alot in my life. My granddaddy died when I was twelve, and my aunt was shot in the head when I was fourteen. (I am now 15.) My aunt was the closest thing to me. She taught me how to do hair, and she had her own hair salon. I wanted to be just like her when I was little. She would always tell me to think about school and not something that would get me in trouble. One weekend she was at her hair salon, and she went to the club and dropped me off at home. At one o'clock that night she called my momma and told her she got in a fight with some girls at the club. My momma told her just to go home and call her when she gets home. We didn't hear from my aunt in 2 days. We called the police, and they found her in her car shot in the head twice. That was the worst day of my life. I wanted to kill whoever did it."

"What makes me ME? That's a good question. What makes me is my drive and determination. Another thing that makes me ME is the music in my head, the music that surrounds me, and the music I play. Most days I sit in my recliner at home and think about life when mine started, and how it's going to end. I've been through alot over the past 5 years. First it started with the death of my great-grandfather when I was eight. I thought I wasn't going to be sad, but I felt it later on. Then my Uncle died in a car crash. I cried for two days. Now I'm hearing about my (other) uncle dying and now I'm going to have to go to his funeral... After all that, I'm still going to overcome it all. I sit and think of what's going to be my next step to me achieving my dream."

"Dad left my mom when I was only 2 months old, because he was too young and afraid to be a father. It still hurts to know that I grew up without a father. Even though that doesn't matter right now. Growing up with 2 sisters that were very mean and hateful is nothing nice. It was all about jealousy. The older sister was jealous of me because I was the baby. The middle sister was jealous of me because I got more attention from our mother. All this went on everyday until I was 8 years old. When I turned 8, I had to take care of my grandma who was suffering from cancer, diabeties,etc. My aunt was so special to me. I watch both my grandma and aunt suffer. I really thought I was watching and making them die, because I didn't really know how to take care of anyone---not even myself. After they both died in March and May of 2007, my mom began to see the light. She is still grieving today because she has no one to vent to. She tries to encourage us all. I want to be a psychiatrist, but my real passion is art. It help me get away from all the anxiety people dish out to me. Psychiatry is a passion also because all the things that I have been through. I would like to help someone. I want someone to come to me and say that I changed their life, and I made a difference. Still today I am suffering but I think of them as my joy because if I didn't have problems who would I be? Would I even be me?"

"It was hard growing up without food and no clean clothes. As I got older I became successful. I can give my sisters what I didn't have and show them a better life. If my mother doesn't have what they need or can't help them with anything, I am there for them, and I will always be there through thick and thin. If they need anyone to talk to, they an count on me. My mother has been beaten by her boyfriend and then turn around and go back to them. I used to be mad at her... It was tough growing up seeing things happened to my mother when you're not that old and can't help. Now I will lay down my life for my family. If anything happens to them, I will be next. My mother will try to do anything that she could to help us."

"I am a young girl with alot of dreams, potential and integrity. Over the years I have been through alot. Starting with drugs, to crime, to deaths. As I grew up I promised myself that I would not let these problems overwhelm me. I am a person who is very sensitive and caring, but I am someone who strives to do and be the best I can be. My mother grew up in a full household. She has also been through alot. She has taught me to remember that as I grow up there are going to be tons of obstacles that try to derail me, but I have to remember that I am of royal priesthood with nothing missing, nothing broken. I am powerful! That means alot to me. Not too long ago I used to think that I wasn't good for anything or that I couldn't achieve anything. After a while I came to realize that I am who I am. I can be whoever I want to be as long as I keep my trust in God. That has made a difference."

"I don't know what's going to happen when I wake up or close my eyes. If you ask me, the world that we live in can really change a person's like. I was born in Jackson, raised in the deep country without the mind to dream big. You would never know what's going to happen in the next stage in your life. The way males see me, I seem to never know if they come just for me and not for what I have. Boys come and go. They say all kinds of things to me that feel all good and special inside, but they already know what their purpose is---and I don't have a clue. In my household, my mom always says that boys only want one thing, but you know when you get this feeling that always tell you he's different, and you may take up for him until he breaks your heart. I just want the right person to come for me with a good purpose: to love me and not what they see."

"I have had a great life so far. Well, I grew up with my dad in jail, but my step dad took care of my mom and us. We always went to see my dad, my sister and me. I have 1 sister and 5 brothers. My dad has a girl and 4 boys and my mom has 1 girl and 5 brothers. When my dad got out, we started to go over to his house all the time."

"I was brought up in Flora and Jackson, MS. When I was younger, I lived with my great grandma and I saw a lot. My uncle sold crack and was in and out of jail. My grandma didn't have alot of money to take care of us. My mom really wasn't around when I was younger. I moved with her when I was in the 3rd grade. I always wanted to run away because she treated her friends better than us. I learned how to channel my anger when I started to play football. My grades started to fall because I was always mad. During last summer I got to fighting with my mom and dad. She sent me to D. C. I really never had motherly love. That's why I think I love everybody I get close to like Mrs. Bolden."

"I have witnessed a gun being pulled on my older brother and I hear about my brothers getting into trouble. They would get into altercations with people and they would think nothing of it, but they learned the hard way. On March 14th of 2009 we were in the house asleep, and we heard something that sounded like fire crackers. Someone was shooting in our house! When the police came they said that they had found over 67 bullet shells in front our yard. My mom could not believe that no one was hurt, because there were so many bullet holes through the house. My brothers are getting into trouble until this day."

"My mom is in jail for 17 years. She got there because of being abused by my little brother's father. She ended up stabbing him during one of their fights. I have tried to put it in the back of my head, but it just plays over and over in my mind. People say I'm mean, but it's just that I have a lot to deal with and I sometimes don't won't to be bothered. I want so badly to be a J-Sette at Jackson State, and my mom does too! I don't want to mess up my future thinking about my mom and where she is. Her being in prison isn't going to stop me from going to college and dancing. You wanted to know why I'm mean sometimes, kind of empty-headed at times, mad, crying and tense. Well now you know. No one knows my struggle, but I feel it every day."

"My life is what makes me ME. I have a life where everything is good. I have a mom, sisters and step-father that love me, and I love my family."

"Growing up I was very shy. Didn't talk much. Then I began to come out of my little shell and make friends. At a young age I began to see how easily a person could ruin their whole life. I've seen people drop out of school, lose jobs, have a child and do drugs. Seeing all the struggles others went through made me strive for excellence. I try to do my best in school, stay abstinent and at the same time keep others from destroying their lives. As a result I hope to be a psychologist. This is what makes Me ME."

"I have lost alot of family members: my sister, brother and my dad. My mom is in Iraq, and I live with my other sister. My brother was shot nine times, because he was selling drugs. That really worried me. When I get older I want to be a lawyer. Nobody will tell me that I'm not going to be a lawyer, because I'm positive."

"I was born in Houston, TX in November 1995. I have one sister, and she's the oldest. I have been living in Mississippi for 10 years and so far I don't like it...."

"What makes me me is my personality. I am different than other people. I am a talented young lady, and I love to act. I want to be an actress and a model. I love to take pictures. I love to listen to music. The type of music I listen to is pop and rap. My next stage in life is to go to acting summer camp and take pictures for a portfolio. I want to always be remembered in life just like Michael Jackson. My favorite singer is Rihanna. I idolize her. I also like Trey Songz. he is the most sexiest man I know. The most sexiest wrestler is John Morrison. I love to watch him fight."

"There are many things I can tell you about me. First off, I was born to beautiful people: my mother who is a teacher and my father who is deceased due to a car accident. I am in many extra curricular activities in and out of school. At school I play in the band and I play soccer. At home I play baseball and football for two community teams. I guess that makes me an all round guy. I am also very good at academics. I am in APAC, and I am doing well in all my classes. Other than that everything is normal for me. I have a great school, family and personal life---and I couldn't ask for anything better."

"I attend Peeples Middle School in the eighth grade. This school is one of the best. My goal is to become a pro football player. I've wanted to play football ever since I was little."

"I am different from others I know. I am unique and talented. I have a different attitude than others. I guess I just have a different look at the world. I know I live in the state that is the poorest, fattest and crime-ridden. You have to see my world the way I see it. Just because it seems like it's an awful place doesn't mean it is. When I graduate I want to attend UCLA in the medical field. When I finish, I plan to come back down here to help my hometown. I will help bring my city up and take care of it. To me everyone can help make my town even more beautiful. You can't judge a book by its cover."

"I like to play football. I also like to play basketball. I am going to Wingfield High School."

"In my mind I am one of the most famous people on earth, according to my dreams. I am very normal in my sight which some people don't see. I am very careless about violence, rumors and crimes as long as I'm not committing them. I will be a director, producer, actor and filmmaker. Most of all I will be one of the most creative minds on earth. I can do it all."

"What makes me me is my smarts and my being a nice person. I believe my being the way I am can get me everywhere. My smarts can come in handy one day."

"When I was growing up I was dealing with my anger management problem, and I had a bad temper sometimes. I don't like when people try to yell at me. That made me mad. When I grow up I will try to lose my temper and management problem. I will go to college for 2 to 4 years to get my license to be a police officer."

"In the future I plan on attending Southern Miss. I am going there to become an engineer. In my life I have had trials and tribulations, and God has helped me to overcome them."

"What makes me me is playing sports and video games. What makes me me is the fact that I am nice. What makes me m is that I like play sports."

"What makes me me is when I love to obey my parents. I love to read, write and play basketball. What makes me me when I have good grades on my report card. I am very athletic. what makes me me is when I am kind to everybody I see."

"I went to Oak Forest Elementary, and I went to John Hopkins in 5th grade. I plan on going to Jim Hill High School next year. My favorite sports are football and basketball. My favorite hobby is playing my games. My favorite rapper is Lila' Boosie."

"When I'm at home I play basketball half the day. I always wear Jordan’s or Nikes. I stay in South Jackson. I have two sisters and no brothers. My favorite color is blue. My favorite rapper is Lil' Boosie."

"I'm a teenage girl that thinks success is impossible, beauty is not within and attention will never be given. Therefore I wonder what is the need of being my best if it will never be noticed. My favorite subject is Math. I dream of being a Math Teacher. Will that ever happen? I wonder. I am a very gregarious person, but will I ever have true friends? Will I ever get the attention I always wanted from my family? I wonder about my future life every moment, because I'm scared that I might not make it."

"What makes me me is acting like I have good sense. The children at school call me Shawty Lo because I always get low. I got saved when I was 14 years old. I stay representing my hood everywhere I go. I have plenty of talent that I can show the world. When I grow up I am going to become a successful lawyer and cosmetologist. After I graduate from college I plan on going back to get my masters degree. In my family there are plenty of pastors, missionaries and evangelists. My family is the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't let anything or anybody get me down. I have a praying and loving family that stays together. One thing about me is that I’m not going to let anyone mess with my family. I am a little crazy, but I can have fun, too. I love to party all the time. I am a respectful young lady. I carry myself well. I don't like being messy or hanging with messy kids."

"I am an 8th grader at Peeples Middle School, and as I grew up in Jackson it wasn't the most exciting thing. My life as a child wasn't the best, but my mother always tried to make it the best. Growing up with a single parent is hard, but as I got older it began to get better. What makes me me is my love and respect for people, my intelligence and my individuality. I respect people because in return I would want respect back. When I grow up I would like to become the first black female President of the United States. Before becoming President, I am going to become a lawyer."

"I have always had an extraordinary life. There re so many wonderful goals I have for my future. Something that no one knows about is that I want to be an actress. It has always been my dream to be an actress, and I know my family will support me on my decision. My family will always support me in any career or goal I choose. I have always been a fortunate person when it comes to my family in the past and present. There has also been hard times in my family, like death. Even though I'm not perfect, I know that I will always have my family to fall back on.

"What makes me me is my personality. I love myself no matter how much someone else may hate me. I love myself even though my childhood was rough. I love me. I went through alot with my dad and step mom, but I still love them both. I moved in with my mom when I was 8 years old. I lost my Grandma at the age of 11 and my Granddad at the age of 4. I miss them both, but I have to remember they are in a better place. I am the 4th child out of 5. I want to be a doctor and handle babies, because I love them so much. I want to play basketball in college, and that is what makes me me!"

"When I was young I had a rough childhood. I was always picked on by my older siblings, and no one ever said anything about it. I was picked on because I was the smallest, but as the years passed I started to grow. One night we were moving, and my older cousin tripped me, so I ran up to him and started beating him. I developed an anger problem, but that was my past. Now I'm in Middle School, and I plan on joining the Army or become a veterinarian. I want to go to Texas Tech University."

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