Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mrs. Jacqueline Bolden of Peeples Middle School: Teaching From The Heart To Reach The Heart

by Cyrus Webb, Conversations Magazine/ Shadow Play Entertainment

She has been a teacher in the public school system for only two years. For Mrs. Jacqueline Bolden, however, her journey to being an educator at Peeples Middle School began many years ago. "It was bound to happen that I would end up teaching," she says with a smile. "When I was little, my grandma called me a school teacher." Referencing her mother and grandmother when it comes to what led her into the schools shows that her family was a major influence in her life. It was that push that led her into childcare first and now where she is today. "Learning has always been important to me."

Learning may have always been a priority, but during Mrs. Bolden's college years, there was some doubt. "I wasted some time," she admits, but in the end I looked at all of the hard work I had put it and knew I had to keep going in order to accomplish my goals."

That goal includes what she is doing today in Jackson, Mississippi. She teaches five classes of students, but anyone who spends time in her classroom know that it's a give and take that gets the students involved. How does she get and keep their attention? "If they know you have passion," says Mrs. Bolden,"they are going to recognize that you are doing this for them. I am a firm believer that if it comes from the heart it goes to the heart."

She also realizes its not just about talking at them. It takes getting involved in their lives as well. "I get respect from the students because I give it to them. I let them know I am here for them." Another thing that separates her classes from others is that she welomes the community's involvement through special guests. In 2010 along she has hosted several indivdiuals that have spoken to her students including Texas authors Jermnine Demouchette and Mr. Mean Mug, California author Herndon Davis and recording artist Lo Watts of Playa Connected. Mrs. Bolden says that this helps them to see that more than just the teachers and the school cares. They see the community and others outside their everyday circle care as well.

It is this attitude that makes her a favorite of those in her classes and a model for others in the public school system to emulate.

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