Thursday, March 11, 2010

R&B Artist Bertell: "Goin' Hard" On His Career

R&B ARTIST BERTELL: "Goin' Hard" On His Career

by Cyrus Webb*

He's been down, but it would be a mistake to ever count Houston, Texas native Bertell out.

Though there have been false starts to his career and some disappointments along the way, the rising R&B star is poised to make a statement with his debut album GOIN' HARD (to be released in 2010 by Capitol Records) and a commitment to being the best at what he does. To him, though, it doesn't feel like work. "I love to sing and perform," he said to me in a recent interview on Conversations LIVE! Radio. "It's like the way you feel about doing what you do. I'm loving every minute of it."

The journey has not been easy, but talking with Bertell, you get the sense that it has only strengthened his resolve. "I just never gave up on my dream," he says. "I knew if this is what I wanted to do, that I was going to have to experience the ups and the downs of the business." Right now just feels like everything is falling into place for him.

Preparing for the release of his own album, Bertell has been touring with others, sharing the ticket with artists he himself enjoys listening to such as like R. Kelly, Trey Songz and an artist from my home state of Mississippi: Bobby Valentino. "It's been all love," he says. "I respect them and their music, and artists like Bobby V. and Trey have shown me nothing but support." Such opportunties have allowed him to share music that will be on his debut album such as the blazing single "I Beat It Up" which has gotten national attention along with the video debuting on

"GOIN' HARD will show all dimensions of my voice," says Bertell. There is a little something for everybody, including the single "I'm Trying", which means a great deal to him. The song allows him to tell listeners a little bit about his journey and what his goals are in the industry and with his career as an entertainer. It is his hope that even though people might be drawn to some of the racy lyrics and the driving beats, that he will be remembered the most for his voice.

Already Bertell has been out meeting fans at events scheduled across the country to promote the single and the upcoming album. Though the hours are long, he will readily tell you there is nothing else he would rather be doing with his time.

What advice does Bartell have for aspiring artists like himself or anyone pursuing a dream? "Don't give up. If this is what you want, don't let anything stop you."

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* Cyrus Webb is the host of Conversations LIVE! Radio and a contributing writer for Hype Magazine, S.T.I.L.L. Magazine and CRUNK Magazine.

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