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(Sun. Oct. 11th on Conversations LIVE! Radio): C-Murder: The Man, The Music, The Movement & The Mission


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In August 2009 he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Before and after the verdict opinions and even jokes about the platinum-selling recording artist/bestselling author were found in conversations, on television, radio and all over the internet. You've heard the rumors and read the headlines, but who really is the man born Corey Miller but who came to fame as C-Murder? On Sunday, October 11, 2009 @ 6p.m. CST (7p.m. EST/4p.m. PT) we examine that question and more in this special 90-minute live presentation that you will find nowhere else...

C. A. Webb Presents... "C-Murder: The Man, The Music, The Movement & The Mission"

Hosted by Conversations LIVE! Radio host Cyrus A. Webb, the discussion will begin at 6p.m. CST (7p.m. EST/4p.m. PT) with an in-depth interview with Kernell Reynolds, VP of TRU Records. He will talk about the man he knows as Corey Miller, what music meant to him, how they dealt with the controversy around C-Murder and how TRU will continue on while their President is away. Reynolds will also discuss the things being said about Miller and talk about what he hopes people will take away from his career, his commitment to the people of New Orleans and young people in general as well as how he encourages Cee's fans to continue the work he has begun.

This discussion will be followed up at 6:30p.m. CST (7:30p.m. EST/4:30p.m. PT) when Webb will talk with authors Jermnine Demouchette (JAMES DEMOUCHETTE VS. THE STATE OF TEXAS and Mr. Mean Mug (TATTOO TEARS), both of whom were inspired by C-Murder's desire to overcome bad with good and became writers because of his example.

Lastly, Webb will discuss C-Murder's bestselling novel DEATH AROUND THE CORNER and address these issues which are discussed in the book:
* Why is hate something that has to be addressed early in life before it festers and grows in ones heart?
* What happens after you die? Do we all have guardian angels that want to help us do what is right?
* When it comes to hiphop, can it break down the racial barriers that exist?
* To what extent do you show loyalty to those who you feel as though have been with you through the good and the bad?
* When we hear someone has been arrested or charged with a crime, do we automatically assume their guilt?
* At what age should youth be educated about sex, pregnancy and how you get sexually transmitted diseases?
* When it comes to the truth, is everything always cut and dry--- black and white?
* The book has what is considered a "mercy killing" by some. How do you feel about it and can you understand the reasoning behind it?
* Is abortion ever a solution in a relationship between consentual adults? What if the two were using some form of protection and it failed?
* When it comes to people like Pam (one of Daquan's sexual partners), what does it show for the reason why some young ladies are quick to have sex with the "bad boy" or "rough neck" on the block?

Webb will be taking YOUR CALLS AS WELL, so this is one show you don't want to miss! Save the date: Sunday, October 11, 2009. To listen to the show live online visit this link: . For more information, contact Cyrus A. Webb at or 601.896.5616.

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“The TRU Story of How Conversations Partnered with Platinum-selling Recording Artist /Bestselling author C-Murder” by Herschel Dixon with Stanley Clark of For The People Productions
"Book Club President Vows To Continue The Dialogue Started by Platinum-Selling Recording Artist/Bestselling Author C-Murder"

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