Thursday, September 17, 2009

New league of comic book superheroes bring message of hope and change to the world

New league of comic book superheroes bring message of hope and change to the world
By Cyrus A. Webb

At a time when the world is dealing with a recession, high umemployment, problems with illiteracy, teen pregnancies and other day-to-day situations, a new comic book series brings not only entertainment but a powerful message for those young and old.

The Legend of LIONMAN and the SEVEN KURODOS is the first culturally diverse league of Superheros with education as a focus. The series was created to inspire, delight, uplift and educate millions of children and adults all over the world. LIONMAN and his culturally diverse team of young superheroes perform heroic and moral deeds, both real and fictional, to help create a better world.

"We all need a Superhero to help us stand strong and make good choices," says LIONMAN founder, Grand Master Eric O'Neal, Sr. "This series of stories will help students strengthen their self-esteem and make appropriate choices in life."

Grand Master Eric O' Neal, Sr. has been an integral presence in martial arts for over 30 years and has been working with the youth of New Orleans for over 20 of those 30 years as a Grand Master of Karate. Raised in the Desire housing project and introduced to martial arts at a young age, Master O' Neal grew up admiring Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris for their outstanding contributions to the world and aspired to be amongst their ranks. At the age of eleven, he won his first karate tournament in Lake Charles, Louisiana and went on to win the All South National Karate Championship for three years straight. And this was only the beginning. Soon after, Master O' Neal embarked upon his travels throughout the country, competing and winning hundreds of coveted titles.

When Lionman was officially introduced early in 2009, it was with the message that change was not only possible. It was here. O'Neal has been taken advantage of every opportunity to share the hope that Lionman brings, going to colleges and universities as well as sharing his students and teachings at powerful venues such as the Essence Music Festival. Whether it is speaking to a small group of hungry individuals in the inner city or traveling to California to be a keynote speaker at the Masters' Karate Hall of Fame, there is no place the mission of Lionman will not reach.

O'Neal has already implemented the skills taught by the superheroes in his programs in New Orleans, LA, but that is only the beginning. He is taking the project nationwide and beyond. He explains: "In the near future LIONMAN and the SEVEN KURODOS will provide an online tutorial program (located through where students can receive help via the website in various school subjects from pre-k through 12th grade. Students can receive wise counsel and support with problems that arise in school, at play, at home or within themselves to guide them in making good, appropriate choices. In addition, we have created positive songs that instruct kids in their decision making process."

The ancient legend of LIONMAN is a timeless saga that teaches lifelong lessons, amidst the drama and turmoil of the 21st century. Join us as we join forces to help our children begin to say, "Yes I Can!"

Grandmaster Eric O'Neal joins Shadow Play Entertainment and its family of authors encluding Tray Chaney (The Truth You Can't Betray), Jacki-O (Grown & Gangsta), Jermnine Demouchette (James Demouchette VS. The State of Texas), Mr. Mean Mug (Tattoo Tears) and Sherry Hill (The Marquise Hill Story) in promoting literacy worldwide.

To find more more information about The Legend of Lionman, visit To see how you can bring Grandmaster Eric O'Neal and the program to your area or have him speak at an upcoming event, contact Cyrus A. Webb at or 601.896.5616.

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