Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mississippi Native Makes Final Pitch To Have "OWN" National TV Show

(Tuesday, June 29, 2010) Since May 19, 2010 Mississippi native and mult-media personality Cyrus Webb has been actively campaigning in the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) competition to have a national tv show. Now with just days to go before the contest ends, he is taking advantage of every day to get the word out for people to vote for him in this unique opportunity.

Webb, 34, has made this an all-out campaign, creating yard signs, car magnets and flyers trying to get the word out about the competition and why he thinks he should win. He launched the website www.themaleoprah.com to keep people posted on his progress as well as to tout his accomplishments over the past 7 years on radio, tv, print and beyond. Webb started the "I Do It 5 Times A Day" campaign to encourage others to vote at least 5 times a day for him in the competition since there is no limit on the amount of times one person can vote.

Every day he is reminding his Facebook, Twitter and Myspace friends to vote each day, and on Saturday, July 3, 2010---the last day of the competition---he is hosting a "Voting Party" to give people a chance to meet him and cast their votes.

The Voting Party will be held from 11-1:30p.m. at the Pearl Public Library (2416 Old Brandon Road * Pearl, MS) and is open to the public as well as the media. The lab has been reserved for the event, and you are able to come in, meet Webb and vote as many times as you would like. This is perfect for those who don't have computers as well as those who want to get to know Webb better and find out what he believes he brings to a national tv platform. Voting for the competition continues until 11:59p.m. EST on Sat. July 3, 2010.

Cyrus Webb has been working for over a decade to bring attention to issues that matter to people of all walks of life. Through his radio and tv show---each called Conversations---he has interviewed over 800 guests including nationally known individuals, up and coming stars as well as those who just have a story that needs to be told. His articles and interviews have appeared in the Clarion Ledger Newspaper, Jackson Advocate, The Rankin Ledger, Mississippi Link, Blagazine, Books2Mention Magazine, Crunk Magazine, Hype Magazine, S.T.I.L.L. Magazine and others. His co-ed book club called Conversations has garnered national attention for its diversity and ability to connect authors and readers. It has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, on MTV and other media outlets.

Currently Webb is in the top 100 of over 3200 entries in his category of Traditional Talk Show with 50,000 plus votes cast for him to date. His goal is to have over 100k votes by the end of the competition.

For more information, contact Cyrus Webb at cawebb4@juno.com or 601.896.5616. You can also visit www.themaleoprah.com.

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