Tuesday, February 16, 2010

REVIEW: "Signifying Nothing" by Author Clifford Thompson

As we go through the hustle of day-to-day life, we sometimes become oblivious to how much of our lives is not really being lived at all. We take a great deal for granted, and for some that is not really understood until we come in contact with someone who we see as less fortunate than ourselves.

It can be a person who is missing a limb, unable to speak, hear or see---and sometimes it can be someone whose mind appears to have betrayed them. We look at such individuals as broken, somehow less than us because of what we see, however, sometimes it is such individuals who may look at us as the ones to be pitied.

Think about it: No matter how much we try to control what goes on in our 24 hours each day, how much of it is really in our control? Anything can come up that could change our circumstances forever. Such is the case with the characters we meet in Clifford Thompson's book SIGNIFYING NOTHING. We meet individuals who have been living with a family member that some saw as worthless. He was seen as slow and a burden to those around him, until one day he did the unthinkable: He proved them wrong.

The simple act of speaking sets in motion a chain reaction that puts the entire family on a path they least expected. Everyone, from the parents and siblings, have to deal with the world they had become accustomed to changing forever. And with that you get to see how much they have their own shortcomings and challenges to deal with.

If nothing else, SIGNIFYING NOTHING will definitely have you reconsider what you see as 'normal' in your life--- and in the lives of others for that matter. Through the captivating storyline and the characters you will find yourself relating to more than you'd like, you will walk away satisfied from the literary experience, ready for more.

(Listen to Cyrus Webb's interview with author Clifford Thompson here.)

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