Monday, November 16, 2009

Cyrus Webb Presents Conversations Book Club's Top 100 Books of 2009

It is one of those lists that is a way of recognizing great books and also the authors who write them: Conversations Book Club's "Top 100 Books of 2009". Compiled by Cyrus A. Webb, this is just one way that the literary organization shows why it is one of the best for those looking for best in literature.


  1. "Faces of Fear" by John Saul
  2. "Mudville" by Kurtis Scalletta
  3. "Lifestone" by Gary Kaschak
  4. "Too Tall Alice" by Barbara Worton
  5. "Kill Me Twice" by Jerry Bayne
  6. "Change Up" by John Feinstein
  7. "No More Tomorrows" by Rodney Lofton
  8. "Lesson Learned" by Portia Cosby
  9. "Mexican Whiteboy" by Matt de la Pena
  10. "Battered Clergy" by Dr. Joseph Howard, Sr.
  11. "The Girl Who Threw Butterflies" by Mick Cochrane
  12. "Pieces of the Hole" by Tony Lindsay
  13. "When Lightning Strikes" by Keya
  14. "The Dyodyne Experiment" by James Doulgeris and V. Michael Santoro
  15. "The Fox" by Arlene Radasky
  16. "The Green Eyed Butterfly" by Kiffany Dugger
  17. "Greenwood" by Herbert McCann
  18. "Tatto Tears" by Mr. Mean Mug
  19. "The Circulary" by J. C. Thompson
  20. "Sunday Morning Secrets" by Shirlita McFarland
  21. "Sense of Love" by Sheryl Mallory-Johnson
  22. "Cheating On My Mistress" by S. Dodson
  23. "Liquid Sunshine" by Justin C. Hart
  24. "Children of the Waters" by Carleen Brice
  25. "Breakneck" by Erica Spindler
  26. "Loitering with Intent" by Stuart Woods
  27. "Sweet Deception" by Patricia Sargeant
  28. "Traitor" by Mark Eller
  29. "Excess Baggage" by Sean Gardner
  30. "Jena's Choice" by Beverly Scott
  31. "Home Repair" by Liz Rosenberg
  32. "Married Lovers" by Jackie Collins
  33. "The Osiris Alliance" by Jack Ford
  34. "Numbers" by Dana Dane
  35. "A Misrepresentation of Myself" by Mary E. Gilder
  36. "My Husband's Fiance" by Kaira Denee
  37. "The Last Block In Harlem" by Christopher Herz
  38. "Unsigned Hype" by Booker T. Mattison
  39. "Deviations: Covenant" by Elissa Malcohn
  40. "Pulling Me Back" G Starr
  41. "Flames of Deception" by Marcia Woodruff
  42. "Cowgirl Dreams" by Heidi M. Thomas
  43. "Don't Hate The Game", Anthology edited by Michael T. Owens
  44. "The Magic Bullet" by Andrew Neiderman
  45. "Secrets Unveiled" by Sheshena Pledger
  46. "Black Dogs" by Jason Buhrmester
  47. "East Garrison" by G.M. Weger
  48. "Lotto" by Joe McDonald
  49. "Fatal Waters" by Iris Moss
  50. "Louisa" by Richard Emmel


  1. "Cheaper" by Rick Doble and Tom Philbin
  2. "Down At The Docks" by Rory Nugent
  3. "Memories of Times Past" by Marta Hiatt
  4. "Satchel" by Larry Tye
  5. "The Pixar Touch" by David Price
  6. "The Sky Rained Heroes" by Frederick Lacroix
  7. "Promotion: Denied" by Joseph Hoffler
  8. "A Mighty Long Way" by Carlotta Walls Lanier
  9. "Young Professional's Guide To Success" by Ryan Kohnen
  10. "Hope, Change and Obama" by Norma Lavonne Smith
  11. "Step Out On Nothing" by Byron Pitts
  12. "Leaving Johnny Behind" by Anthony Pedriana
  13. "My Goodness: My Kids" by Nesta Aharoni
  14. "The Catch" by Gary Myers
  15. "Angels Among Us... Even In Iraq" Diane Hassan
  16. "Innocent War" by Susan Violante
  17. "Brothers Kept Apart" by Walter Phillips
  18. "Moonwalk" by Michael Jackson
  19. "Cancer Vixen" by Maria Acocella Marchetto
  20. "The Smartest Way To Save" by Samuel K. Freshman and Heidi Clingen
  21. "Parallel Play" by Tim Page
  22. "One and The Same" by Abigail Pogrebin
  23. "In My Heart" by Ursula Hanks
  24. "Lessons For The Living" by Stan Goldberg
  25. "The Anatomy Of Buzz Revisited" by Emanuel Rosen
  26. "Shattered Reality" by Kimberly Cheryl
  27. "Babe Ruth and The Baseball Curse" by David A. Kelly
  28. "The Weight Of Silence" by Shelley Seale
  29. "The First 30 Seconds" by Stephen Armstrong
  30. "The Happiness Factor" by Kirk Wilkinson
  31. "Trust God and Buy Broccoli" by Gerri Helms
  32. "The American Evolution" by Matt Harrison
  33. "Giants Among Men" by Jack Cavanaugh
  34. "Border Crosser" by Johnny Rico
  35. "Man-Up" by Ricky Spann
  36. "Living In The Rear View Mirror" by Kim Vazquez
  37. "Looking For Closure" by Maria Stewart
  38. "She and I" by Michael R. Brown
  39. "My Heart Has Wings" by Kris King
  40. "Step By Step" by Bertie Bowman
  41. "Miracle On The Hudson" by William Prochnau and Laura Parker
  42. "Perseverance" by Carolyn Robenstein
  43. "We Were Relentless" by Martin J. Levin
  44. "Bittersweet Journey" by Anthony Littlefield
  45. "Look Me In The Eye" by John Elder Robison
  46. "You Gotta Dance" by Bryant Daluz
  47. "Lucy's Story" by Larry Hamilton
  48. "Shh...Don't Tell" by M. A. Moorer
  49. "Hidden Butterflies" by Nikki Ransom
  50. "Red Grange" by Gary Andrew Poole

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