Saturday, July 25, 2009

C. A. Webb Presents "A Tribute To Author E. Lynn Harris"

SUNDAY, JULY 26, 2009 @ 6p.m. CST (7p.m. EST) --- Conversations LIVE! Radio is pleased to announce its special presentation "A Tribute To Author E. Lynn Harris".

The world lost one of its literary giants on Thursday, July 23, 2009. New York Times Bestselling Author E. Lynn Harris died at the young age of 54, leaving a legacy that will continue in those he inspired and entertained.

Hosted by Cyrus A. Webb, Conversations LIVE! Radio will take a look at his life with those whom he affected along the way. Among the guests for the hour are bestselling authors Tony Lindsay (CHASIN' IT), DaPharoah69 (seen above with Harris/ THE KING OF EROTICA), Latrese Carter (LIAR, LIAR), N'Tyse (MY SECRETS, YOUR LIES), Lamar Ariel (READY TO MALE) and James Earl Hardy (B-BOY BLUES).

Webb will also be sharing the written statements of authors and literary insiders who knew E. Lynn Harris well, including those of Bestselling authors Marita Golden (IT'S ALL LOVE) and Cheryl Robinson (SWEET GEORGIA BROWN) as well as Patricia D. Woods of Books2Mention Magazine.

You are encouraged to join the discussion through the chatroom, and Webb will be taking your calls! Listen live by visiting


  1. "I will always remember E. Lynn's generous spirit. He gave of his time, his talent and his treasure in support of emerging writers
    consistently throughout his life and career, He was a board member of the Hurston/Wright Foundation and was a spirited champion of the work and mission of the foundation in creating opportunities for Black writers. He gave generously to the foundation and created
    opportunities for others to do the same through parties he hosted. I will miss his sense of humor, his entertaining stories and the inspiring way he lived his life." ---Marita Golden, bestselling author of IT'S ALL LOVE

  2. "I am sad that he (E. Lynn Harris) passed. I wish he and his family peace." -- Sherrie Shepherd, co-host of The View (Message sent to C. A. Webb via Twitter)

  3. "I cried when I heard the news and as I am writing my thoughts I am still crying because he was and will continue to be my inspiration. When times got tough in this business, he was one of the authors I looked toward, someone I admired for all that he achieved and all that he gave back. I am deeply saddened by his passing. He will be greatly missed. A man who gave so much to so many, even to those he had never met personally. He made an indelible mark in the literary world by being the first to write about black gay men living an "invisible life". And he did so in a way that not only entertained but also enlightened women to a lifestyle that we knew very little of. E. Lynn Harris opened our eyes and gave us a look inside. He will continue to live on in my heart and my mind and legions of new fans will continue to experience him through the vast body of work that he has left behind. E. Lynn Harris was a truly kind and caring person who made a mark in this world. My prayers are with his family during this difficult time." --- Cheryl Robinson, bestselling author of Sweet Georgia Brown)

  4. "My deepest condolences goes out to E. Lynn Harris' family, friends and fans. We have lost a dynamic storyteller who possessed an uncanny ability to craft novels that literally pulled readers into the intriguing world of characters that were interesting and witty, told with humor and candor, seasoned with just the right amount of unexpected twists and turns. Delivered with that sensational style that is without a doubt E. Lynn Harris' exclusive signature.

    "The first novel that I read by E. Lynn was Just As I Am. I was so profoundly touched by this body of work that I read the book four times.

    "Since then, I have read and made it my business to stay abreast with all of his work. We will indeed all miss him and with out a doubt take comfort from the amazing stories that he crafted, for he has indelibly made a mark in the literary world and in the lives of all who had the opportunity to read, gain knowledge and inspiration through his masterful ability to open our eyes and truly try to see life from a different perspective.

    "Thank You E. Lynn Harris for the incredible journey. Rest In Peace." --~Patricia D. Woods, Books2Mention Magazine Editor-in-Chief